What our clients say about us.
Mr. Aneke is a fantastic attorney. He cares about his clients and makes a special effort to ensure that they are well taken care of by his firm. He is very knowledgeable about the law and has specialized additional degrees which are very impressive.

He will tell you the truth about whether your situation and what is possible under the law.

Mr Aneke did an amazing job, was very clear about the whole process, and put me at ease since it was my first personal injury case. He didn’t promise anything he couldn’t do and exceeded my expectations with the settlement outcome. His staff were very professional and helpful.  I would definitely recommend Aneke and Associates.

I want to thank princewill aneke for the wonderful handling of my personal injury case. I also want to thank the staff of the law firm for being patient with my many calls lol, but in the end all party was satisfied with the judgment.  So people if you need a stand up firm, Princewill Aneke and associates will take care of you. Again thanks

The staff was the best!!! Porsha was awesome and I hope I dont have to use them again but if i ever need a personal injury attorney again…I will be using Aneke and associates.

Great company !!! Everyone was done in a great and timely matter..

I have written at least 6 different comments, then I erase and write another one, I guess what I am trying to say is hard to put it into words cause you don’t want to leave anything out, when someone has been so wonderful, made you feel at ease, when I was having a bad day, they would make my day better, they made me feel like they care.

My life has changed, in a blink of an eye (car Accident). I had another attorney before Attorney Aneke, but I was just another number, the experience was how you say horrible, abusive, curl, insensitive, and just mean, it was so hard, disappointing. I was so down in the dumps, then my friend told me about Aneke Law Offices. What a blessing, I felt like I found an attorney, a firm that was human, that cared, the firm understood what I was going through, they really do care about there clients I can honestly say that. I felt the firm CARED ABOUT ME! Before them there were a lot of days I really felt by myself, this was a hard  situation I went through.. Hey, people will be people, and then, I was with the WRONG ATTORNEY too.. Oh Lord!! Then I got the right one! Attorney Princewill Aneke! I would like to say – Thank you to the Firm.. Aneke’s Angels (truly a great team). Attorney Aneke you are real good at what you do and I would and will recommend you in a heartbeat!!!

They were very professional as well as kept me informed about my case.  This is my second time using this attorney’s office.  Great people!!!!

Thank you Mr. Aneke for getting the job done without me having to stay on your case. Your staff was amazing and not only that but every time I called I got a response. I like the fact that when my number wasn’t up to date with your staff they took it upon themselves to reach out to my mother (so I can get the information I needed to know) and I truly appreciated that ( above and beyond). I usually don’t get that Lol. I definitely will be sending my referral your way. Thanks again.